Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tutorial Felt Pompom Flower

Tutorial Felt Pompom Flower, after so long I did not updated the blog, due to busy schedule, here is something for all of you, you may make a nice brooch, BIB necklace as well as headband with the felt pompom flower. For now I will only show you the basic on how to do the felt pompom flower and make a brooch out of it, InsyaAllah soon, I'll continue on BIB necklace. Just see the photo below a step by step on how to make a felt pompom flower. Picture worth a thousand words.


The tutorial been features in Harian Metro Newspaper before, but for you who missed out that, here the steps on how you can make this easy peasy simple yet beautiful pompom flower. You may share this as you like on you blog, facebook, but please do credit Mekar Candella on this and not claiming this photo is yours. 

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