Monday, December 26, 2011

Wedding Favours

 I've been very busy finishing the wedding favour recently. Its a flower brooch, which you may just give it as a brooch or do something like the photo above.  Handkerchief, nicely folded to become a basket.

You may customize to other flowers as well, just let me know the theme of your wedding and the colour that you like.
Interested, kindly email :  for bulk price.

Chocolate wedding favours with hand made box casing. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Party Pack - My Fair Lady Hair Clip

 Felt party pack, received an order from my dear friend for her princess birthday party soon. Her concept is princess party without tiara, more like princess in the garden I guess, and their theme colour are red and green. So I make one baby headband for the princess, but the photo above are the unfinished one, hope will update the photo with the girl after the party soon.

For any inquiry regarding the party pack, you may email me at :

You may customize any pattern and flowers suits your party theme, from headband, clips, brooch even a dress. So email me for good price when you order in a bulk... Not only for birthday party, even you can make it for goodies or wedding favour, engagement, aqiqah, hen party, etc.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Another Baby Headband

Order from one of Mekar's customer, normally for the fist flowers I will used ribbon but she wanted to use small baby headband.

Mekar Candella - Featuring in Harian Metro

It had been a while I didn't update the blog, due to busy with daily work life and personal life. Mekar's been featuring in Harian Metro (Sunday) sometimes around last month. Thanks to HM Team (Kak Siti)

Oh..we have DIY on how to do the Cheerleader flower for the headband as well in the paper.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Jelita Magazine September 2011

Mekar item been featuring in Jelita Magazine 2011. Thanks to Jelita team for the opportunity. I just emailed them few photo of the product. No interview what so ever, just came out in the accessories page.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baju Raya

Dearies.... Are you guys ready to celebrate aidilfitri? I only manage to complete one of my baju raya... Still trying to find time to make another one.

So instead of using beads, I tried to use felt with vintage button, pearls, etc. If you intersted to have one like this, you may email me at:

I can make different pattern and design, charges will be base on design, how many vintage button been use and the amount of felt fabric. Price range start from RM 75 onward.

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Small Baby Headband - New Flower

Another new customize design from felt for baby headband, the customer want the flower with the small headband.

If you interested to customize yours, kindly email me at :

The same flower can be in different colour combination and can put at hair clip, headband or big baby headband.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Flowers Headband - Ribbon

New custom made order from Nadia, this design lain sikit sebab tak guna normal headband yang elastic tu, tapi di gantikan dengan ribbon, dan sesuai untuk baby sampai la ke orang dewasa...cuma nak pakai kena la ikat sendiri dekat kepala, boleh adjust tepi ke tengah ke mengikut kesukaan si pemakai.

Selling price from RM30 - 35 depending on how many layers of flowers, vintage button, retro button etc etc that you may like to have.

To order :

Monday, August 15, 2011


Not so new collection from Mekar, make this for quite sometimes already but has no time to put the photo on blog, for those who follow me on Facebook, you might have seen this design before.

You may grab this at About Umi & Baby shop as well, have sent few pieces there. 

Price as below :

Headband - RM15
Clip - RM8

** All price excluding postage

To order email me at :

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Marissa Birthday

Cute baby Marissa is wearing Periwinkle baby headband from Mekar during her 1st birthday celebration....

Happy Birthday Micha....muah muah...

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Felt Bib Necklace

 BIB Necklace made from felt and vintage button, it time consuming and it took about 2 hours if I really dedicate my time and focus while doing it, belum kira tangan yang melecur kena tangan sebab nak lekat bunga yang kecik dan menjaga kekemasan.

BIB Necklace ni sangat cantik kalau pakai dengan baju kurung yang plain atau jubah...well...if any of you interesetd to buy or nak tempah khas ikut colour baju raya, you may email me at :

Yang ready made ni price range starting from RM45-RM75 excluding postage.