Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mid-Summer Baby Butterfly

My Fair Lady Felt Hair Clips

Felt hair clips, a new addition to Mekar design. The My Fair Lady felt hair clips is a combination of flowers made from felt fabric, snap clip and vintage button. This felt hair clips are unique and suitable for toddler age 4 up to adult. Really sweet if you are wearing a baju kurung or kebaya and put this felt hair clips on your head. Kalau pakai tudung pun boleh guna....cuma snap or clip  kan sahaja di tepi tudung.
 RM 10 each excluding postage, you may customize the colour as you wish, email me to order at :

Wait for more felt hair clips design from Mekar

The Three Princess

Button Fly

 Little butterfly, new addition to the family...the first photo are hair clip with alligator clip, and the second one hair clip with french clip....I also made this design as a baby check out the album and price of this item on Facebook, if you like to order and customize the may email me at :

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sara Kids 2nd Grand Opening

 Last Sunday I opened a stall at Sara Kids 2nd Grand Opening at Denai Alam (DARC), hari ni macam gathering untuk semua ibu-ibu dan family yang support breast feeding... I share gerai with Acik Sekoci... be there as early as 8.30am....on that day I ada bawak few new design...will post those new design soon....and if you do have Facebook account, do find me and LIKE my page okay...hehe... "Mekar Candella"

 New addition of Mekar design...Mid-Summer Butterfly....nampak besar, tapi bila dah pakai memang sangat cantik...nak buat ni tak susah...cuma time consuming..nak potong kain....bunga hydregena yang halus-halus to stick the flower on the butterfly take sometimes....and the pearl on top of the flower as well...really need to focus on that or it will be really spoiled by the glue gun...because of the small size of the flower. So do check this out on facebook... wink wink...

 Last but no least...Ultraman pun datang beli handmade after this if you see any ultrawomen wearing, know where she got it from....huhu..

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baby Ziva

Baby Ziva is wearing small baby headband by Mekar
Click here for the same collection like the above photo

Friday, April 8, 2011

Nur Hanan Qalesya

Qalesya is wearing the small baby headband by Mekar

Girls Rule

 This are the first batch of my design, thanks to Rumaizah and Sekoci for the photos...and to the models as well... I still have few of the headband, and if you are interested to have it, kindly email me

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Periwinkle Collection

Periwinkle Collection
3 Flowers - RM 23
2 Flowers - RM 20

Vintage Lady Hair Clip

I've been very busy with so many thing, and recently came out with a new hair clip design, and I named it Vintage Lady. It is a 3D hair clip that you may see the flower from each direction, a combination of felt and vintage button. If you love the design and the colour are not here, you may email me to order.

 RM 20 each excluding postage, postage will cost RM6 for pos laju

The Pink Series

 What is the most common girl favourite colour? yess...yess...its PINK.... So here are the pink series baby headband and few headband for you girls..... if you really love pink, you may grab this piece at About Umi & Baby Shop

 This headband are not 100% in pink colour but a mixture of other colours with pink...If you are interested in those design, you may purchase directly from me as well... This headband cost about RM18 per piece and the postage will be RM6 for post laju. You may customize the colour as you like.