Monday, December 17, 2012

Baby Shower Party

Few weeks back I organized a surprised baby shower for my dear friend, after few weeks of panning with few friends and the mommy to be family and the daddy to be, the party was a real success. She was really shocked and touched by the party.

Our theme colour was blue & pink as the parents to be want to surprise everyone with the baby gender, they want to keep it personal aka secret until the baby are born. For Indian, is it taboo to give the mommy and daddy to be anything like baby cloths, or other baby stuff before the baby was born, so I tried to make something simple and nice for them, so no diaper cake (If only I have octopus hand and enough time to do it, hehe...)

I make sash with MOMMY, DADDY & BABY wordings, then brooch the combination of BABY spelling, yes its all about BABY, even the ointment also from the BABY spelling.

 The Daddy & Mommy to be

 Thank God, I manage to find a place near my house with a great package, easy for me to deco the space as the staff and manager there were very helpful. All deco been done by me, all handmade! Yes you may email Mekar Candella if you want to know the baby shower package goodies & deco.

 Alphabet Brooch
 Customized soya milk in a bottle, and labeled as baby milk...hehe..

Shower sponge with nappy...cute isn't it...
If you plan to have a baby shower party for yourself, or maybe your friend or family member, and need to have cute little goodies and deco, do email me at : for a goodies package.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Si Bunga Melur

The latest flower creation by Mekar, I named it Si Bunga Melur, well, the size is small just like bunga Melur, but come with variety of colours. You may get Si Bunga Melur collection (baby headband only) at Lunatots Putrajaya.

I make Like, Share and Get a chance to win the Si Bunga Melur contest on Mekar Candella facebook fan page, three lucky winner was randomly selected. Congratulations to all winners. 

There will be more contest coming soon, In shaa Allah. I plan to do giveaway every time I invented something new, just to share with all of Mekar Candella fan. So if you have not LIKE Mekar Candella on Facebook, ayuh...quickly hit the LIKE button. Don't miss all the giveaway!

You may request me to customize Si Bunga Melur to be a headband, brooch, baby headband, hair clip or any other stuff that you think is possible, stitch it on your lovely baju kurung or shoes, or clutch will be beautiful and stunning!

If you do have any inquiry kindly email me at :

Till then.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Felt Hand Bouquet

Felt Hand Bouquet, make this felt hand bouquet for family member. You may do your own felt hand bouquet if you know how to do the felt roses. I shared the tutorial on how to make felt rose flower before. You may click here for the tutorial.

Awak nampak biru la... you can make any colour as you like, or if you don't have time to do, you may email me for inquiry at :

Friday, October 26, 2012

Hello Kitty Felt

Hello Kitty felt for my little niece birthday, however I'm unable to attend the party. I make about 10 of them, a mix of headband, brooch and baby headband of hello kitty felt.

I'm cutting the felt using Hello Kitty Sizzix die, the one with the bee body, but I chop the body away and just use the hello kitty head. 

If you would like to make one for your party, you may contact me at : for the pricing.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Princess Bubblegum Felt Headband

I never heard of Princess Bubblegum before, one day my cousin called and asking me to make a tiara like Princess Bubblegum for my niece  birthday party. Instead of making the tiara which I personally think it looked so funny, I  just make the princess face itself and make few headband and brooches.

Before I sew the mouth and stick her face, it really looked like an octopus...hehe..

Stick the face, tiara and additional flower by the side of the head, tadaaaa..... cute little Princess Bubblegum

Kakak Bear (that is what she address herself) turning 3 this year and her birthday was on 1st Sept, however everyone was busy during that time and ignore her birthday celebration, and she kept on nagging her mom and demand for a small party. Because she like Princess Bubblegum so much, so the birthday theme was The Adventure of Princess Bubblegum

The headband not only suitable for kids, even an adult love it so much. So if you plan for birthday party and would like to customize any goodies for your kids, you may contact me and we can work together. Email me at :