Monday, October 8, 2012

Princess Bubblegum Felt Headband

I never heard of Princess Bubblegum before, one day my cousin called and asking me to make a tiara like Princess Bubblegum for my niece  birthday party. Instead of making the tiara which I personally think it looked so funny, I  just make the princess face itself and make few headband and brooches.

Before I sew the mouth and stick her face, it really looked like an octopus...hehe..

Stick the face, tiara and additional flower by the side of the head, tadaaaa..... cute little Princess Bubblegum

Kakak Bear (that is what she address herself) turning 3 this year and her birthday was on 1st Sept, however everyone was busy during that time and ignore her birthday celebration, and she kept on nagging her mom and demand for a small party. Because she like Princess Bubblegum so much, so the birthday theme was The Adventure of Princess Bubblegum

The headband not only suitable for kids, even an adult love it so much. So if you plan for birthday party and would like to customize any goodies for your kids, you may contact me and we can work together. Email me at :

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