Monday, October 8, 2012

Felt Rose Tutorial

Felt Rose Tutorial, the first tutorial from Mekar, I will share more and more soon, sharing is caring right. Anway, here are the pictorial steps oh how to make felt rose like the photo above.

You need about 5 pieces of round shape cut of felt fabric, or you may style it a bit to make a curvy round, so that the rose petal will look more nicer. The diameter will be around 5.5-6cm

Cut those shape into half. If you use more than 5, you may get a bigger flower, and if you want smaller flower, you may size down the diameter of your round shape felt fabric.

 Arrange it like this and sew (jahit jelujur).

You will get something like this.

Then you just roll it nicely, make sure the back of the rose are even, so that you will get a neat rose petals.

Sew at the back of your rose, or you may just glue it if you are lazy to sew.

Beautiful sweet roses...

This is what I make with all of the roses, once you know how to do the flower, you may just use your creativity or imagination to create more item from the roses, I shall share more final product made from this simple roses.

Hope this felt rose tutorial help you guys and happy crafting!

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  1. ah ,,, great , this is what i need ,,, thank u 4 sharing, can't wait to try ^_^