Friday, September 14, 2012

Back on Track

Assalamulaikum, It's been a while I didn't update the blog, finally I manage to take a breath and settled after delivering my first child, and my craft room back to business, manage to find time to work on few designs and complete unfinished project. Motherhood is fun but I'm  new to it and will continue learning as my baby grow.

Anyway, these days in Malaysia, there were so many new crafters, tumbuh macam cendawan lepas hujan, some are really into craft, some just follow the trend, and then stop after they get bored or switch to new crafting trend. There were so many issue arise among the crafters especially in copy cat other people design, well, we it hard to pattern our creative idea here, people will definitely find a way to copy you, well I believe those designer in fashion industry already immune of that.

Whatever it is, I really hope those customer really appreciate my design and happy with my workmanship. Hope in the coming future I will come out with new beautiful design and enhance my workmanship.

So here are the latest collection from Mekar, specially made for Lunatots, you may grab those at any Lunatots outlet. The three roses are from the previous design. More photo on Mekar Candella's Facebook. Come and LIKE our page on Facebook for the latest and fastest update.

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