Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Round Loop Ribbon Hair Accessories

 Round Loop Ribbon Hair Accessories, the latest design from Mekar, and I named it Bridgett kalau nama panjang dia akan jadik Bridgett Breep Round Loop Ribbon (BBRLR), panjang kan nama.... This is my first time playing with ribbon and come out with this round loop ribbon design.
This round loop ribbon design can be customizes as hairband, baby headband (big or small), hair clip (french or alligator clip) or brooch.

 If you are interested to purchase or have any inquiry regarding the Bridgett Breep Round Loop Ribbon, kindly email me at :

 My cute little model here is wearing the Bridgett Breep Round Loop Ribbon hair clip. Feel free to browse our page on facebook and check out the details of the price there. Its all 100% handmade. Soon, I'll make post the tutorial on how to make the round loop ribbon hair clips.

Till next time... happy crafting

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